What People Say About Inspired

"I love knowing that every time I pay for anything, someone in need benefits through Inspired. And watching the joy it brings when a project gets funded is true gift. Awesome!"

Dori Oskowitz • Inspired Member

"If you’re someone who likes to help others, Inspired is next level. Every day I make purchases with my card and all of those purchases directly benefit someone in need. It doesn’t get any easier!"

Boye Fajinmi • Inspired Member

"Each time participating consumers swipe their card, the purchase is linked to an online platform that donates a portion of the transaction fees to a charity, at no extra cost to the shopper. The result, Giving to nonprofits becomes a part of everyday life."

Forbes • Press Coverage

"Seeing the impact of my purchases in the app makes Inspired a welcome addition to my life. I’m excited to see something I do every day is helping someone else."

Kate McLamb • Inspired Member

"This is one of those no-brainer ideas that's shockingly easy, effective, and makes you feel good to use. By swiping my debit card, a donation is instantly made to a deserving charity at absolutely ZERO cost to me! I get to help others in need for free simply by spending how I would anyway. It's a win-win. And the fact you can see where the donations go via the beautiful designed app is, well... inspiring! Get involved."

Joey Bouk • Inspired Member

"Inspired makes making an impact easy. In a world with so many cards and choices to make, why not make the choice to help? It’s a great feeling to know that the money I am spending anyways is going to help a child in my community- every time I swipe my card."

Danielle Robay • Inspired Member

"Inspired gives me good vibes every time I swipe. It turns spending into giving- nothing could be better or easier."

Bianca Gomez • Inspired Member

"I just ran into another Inspired member at a coffee shop in Santa Monica and had an immediate sense of community and a really cool conversation. Do good, by doing what I already do, with other great people?! WHY WOULDN'T I?!"

Christopher Brereton • Inspired Member

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